Temperature-controlled transport

 2Cool method of transport enables safe transport of temperature-sensitive products even up to several days without any external energy. Therefore, it is more environmentally friendly and less expensive option than a temperature-controlled vehicle, for example. Our transport method makes it possible to transport products requiring different temperature ranges in the same luggage compartment.

Here are listed a few examples of cases where 2Cool transport method is utilized in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way:

Distribution centers

2Cool transportation method is employed cost-effectively by distribution centers where the products are stored in different temperature areas. The products are packed to transport boxes in the storage at the desired transport temperature after which the boxes shall be loaded to the vehicle. Hence there is no need for the transport vehicle to have separate temperature areas for products, since warm, cool and refrigerated products can be carried in the same transport compartment.

Air freight

The thermal insulation of 2Cool transport boxes is far more effective in comparison with other transport boxes on the market thanks to their thicker walls and inside design in general. Therefore, our transport boxes weather much longer transport times with even a less amount of gel. A smaller amount of gel means a lighter total weight of the box which poses a great advantage for air freight.

The gel ice developed by 2Cool signifies a non-toxic cooling option for a transport box. Besides, it is not classified as a dangerous substance, such as dry ice used to some extent in the lengthy air freight transport, for example. Thus, the use of gel ice will incur no extra charges for transport.

The 2Cool transport solution succeeds in reaching over a two-day transport time, which in many cases covers the transport time from sender to recipient by means of air freight. By increasing the gel amount can be secured that the cold chain of the transportable goods is not interrupted, even when the consignment/ delivery was delayed for one reason or another.

Seasonal Demand for Temperature-controlled Transport

The need for the temperature-controlled transport is mostly rather seasonal for a number of companies, due to which the acquisition of a temperature-controlled vehicle may not be exactly a very viable alternative. As a result, many manufacturers resort in temperature-controlled transport errands to the courier services. On the other hand, even many courier companies do not provide temperature-controlled transport due to their inadequate or lacking equipment. The cost basis of 2Cool method of transport is considerably lower being at the same time a flexible alternative for the need of temperature-controlled seasonal transport.

From Manufacturer to the Consumer / Reseller

2Cool transport method is employed by several berry farmers as well as manufacturers of organic products who deliver their goods to their customers or resellers. In such cases, the conveyor may be the manufacturer itself or a separate courier service. There is no need for the carrier to have a separate temperature-controlled luggage compartment in their vehicle, since the goods can be transported in a normal van, for example, among other transportable goods.

2Cool transport boxes have also been exploited in the open-air markets. The cold chain of berries and vegetables is maintained throughout the market day in the transport box while the surplus products do not need to be thrown away but can be stored and sold the next day.

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