Gel plates

2Cool gel plates are designed to fit the 2Cool transport boxes creating together an efficient and user-friendly method of transport for temperature-sensitive products. Thanks to the convergent design the gel plates can be placed and fastened on the bottom, side, in the center or on top of the transport box. The plates can be placed in transport boxes also in such a way that they will not come in direct contact with the transportable goods in case these are very temperature sensitive.

2Cool Gel plates can be used and last at least one year. Thereafter, the cold gel functionality inside the plate should be monitored approximately every six months. The gel plate must be replaced at the time when the gel ice inside the plate does not freeze or melt evenly anymore. Lifetime of the gel plate is about 3 years provided it is stored in a cool place and is not exposed to sunlight.

The gel plates of 2Cool are manufactured in Finland. The gel ice inside the plate is developed by 2Cool and the plastic covering of the plate is produced by Plastex Oy.

Technical Data

Size XL - 482 * 334 * 42 mm

Weight - 3,6 kg

Compatible box:
2Cool Pallet thermo and Trolley thermo

Size M - 295 * 240 * 42 mm

Weight - 1,2 kg

Compatible box:
2Cool Midi Thermo

Size S - 290 * 200 * 42 mm

Weight - 950 gr

Compatible box:
2Cool Mini Thermo