Gel pads

2Cool gel pads are made of resistant laminated protective fabric which is lightweight and comfortable to use. Our gel pads contain a lot of gel ice and can be therefore employed ideally in the long-distance transport, such as air freight.

The 2Cool Gel Pads can be used and last at least one year. Thereafter, the cold gel functionality inside the pad should be monitored approximately every six months. The gel pad is to be replaced at the time when the gel ice inside the pad does not freeze or melt evenly anymore. Lifetime of the cool gel is about 3 years provided it is stored in a cool place and is not exposed to sunlight.

The covering of the gel pad is manufactured by Scantarp and the gel ice inside the pad is prepared by 2Cool Finland Oy (LLC).

Technical Data

Size XL - 500 * 380 * 40 mm

Weight - 3,6 kg

Size M - 330 * 230 * 40 mm

Weight - 1,6 kg