Gel bags

2Cool gel bags are primarily intended for one-way transport, such as customer deliveries. The film utilized in our gel ice bags is, however, quite durable, which allows the reuse of the bags as long as the film of the gel bags remains undamaged. Alternatively, the recipient of the package may make use of the gel ice bag him/herself. If necessary, we tailor the gel ice bags in terms of the weight and width in accordance with the customer’s needs.

The recycling of the 2Cool Gel Bags is easy: The bag rim is cut, and gel ice is poured into the sewage or gets composted. The rest of the bag, e.g. covering goes to plastic recycling.


Width - 145 mm
Length - 100 mm – 250 mm
Weight - 80 gr – 800 gr


Size - 145mm * 200 mm
Weight - 500 gr
Temperature - -1 °C / -12 °C / -15 °C / -23 °C