Designed for industry-leaders.

2COOL is the cold transport choice of leading operators in healthcare, laboratories, food industry and pharmacies.

The ultimate formula of cost-efficiency.


Light and durable

The advanced materials used in 2COOL are light and extremely durable. The precisely optimized modular structure is compact and long-lasting.


From van to truck

2COOL shipments travel with standard means of transport. As future road traffic becomes electric, there is no need for separate batteries and refrigeration equipment.


Size and distance as you wish

2COOL scales up to your individual needs for both short and longer transports alike, bringing significant cost savings and easy route optimization.

Temperature-controlled transport.

2Cool method of transport enables safe transport of temperature-sensitive products even up to several days without any external energy.

Delivering the cold with winning product portfolio.

All 2COOL products

Gel bags
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Gel bottles
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Gel pads
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Gel plates
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Midi Thermo 45L
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Mini Thermo 12L
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Pallet thermo
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Silver 15 L
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Silver 60 L
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Trolley Thermo
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