Exactly at the desired temperature.

2COOL is the global technology leader in passive refrigerated transport. Pioneering in the industry, we provide our customers with patented hitech solutions for any temperature-controlled transport.

2COOL’s combination of modularity and energy-efficiency is the result of years of design efforts and continuous product development.

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Active refrigerated transport equipment is no longer needed, as 2COOL is designed for regular transportation, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of the entire logistics chain.

Transport equipment and routes can be optimized more efficiently and frozen, refrigerated and room temperature goods transported as needed on the same or different vehicles.

2COOL modular transport boxes are made of durable and 100% recyclable materials.

The non-toxic 2COOL cold gel is made of safe natural ingredients. Its PH is neutral and the composition is harmless, should the gel ice ever come into contact with the goods being transported.